Dai Ba Bing Biang Kiò

Design. 2D animation. compositing

Dai Ba Bing Biang Kio" is a non-stop Spaceship which consists of days and nights lives in Taipei, keeping producing passion and love to the world. It arrived Les Arts Décoratifs in February 2017 to join the Visual Taipei exhibition of Graphic Design Festival Paris.

“ 台北乒乓叫 " 是一艘不斷向前行的宇宙戰艦 台北的日常與夜生活可以在此一覽無遺。 它於2017年2月飛抵巴黎裝飾藝術博物館 Les Arts Décoratifs, 參與Graphic Design Festival Paris中的Visual Taipei展覽。

  • Design Tubo Lee, HuiYing Kao, Selina Tung
  • 2D Animators Chiunyi Ko, HuiYing Kao, Mibo Lin, Ching Huang, Selina Tung, Yi Sheng Jien, Chien-An Chou

ClientMixCode Studio


Behind the scene