Fubon Brave basketball teaser

styleframes. 3D animation. Look development. compositing

Had a really creative journey with the team in MixCode studio. I worked on this project when I was working there in 2015. From brainstorming the concept, storyboarding, style frames design to animation, I was working closely with the team and in charges of some of the shots.

  • Producer Plugin B&V
  • Character design Plugin B&V
  • Director MixCode Studio
  • Design Plugin B&V, MixCode studio
  • Editor Selina Tung, TuBo Lee
  • 2D animator Chiunyi.ko, Han Chieh Chen, Mibo Lin, Yi Sheng Jian
  • 3D animator Yoyo Chang, HuiYing Kao, Yi Sheng Jian
  • Compositor Chiunyi.ko, Han Chieh Chen
  • Music & Sound Design Pongo, Robokatz Music
  • Producer 許智翔
  • DOP 大黑
  • 1st Camera assistant Yan Jiang
  • Gaffer 冉重強
  • Lighting assistant 何佳恩 , 冉龍二
  • Makeup designer Halu Huang Studio



Behind the scene