Sodagreen 故事未了

StoryBoard. Concept art. 2D 3D animation. compositing

Had a really creative journey with MixCode studio. I worked on this project when I was working there in 2015. From brainstorming, storyboarding, style frames design to animation, I was working closely with the team and in charges of some of the shots.

  • Design Agency Grass Jelly Studio
  • Executive Producer Muh Chen
  • Visual Consultant Smoky Tu
  • Project Manager Iris Liao
  • Director MixCode Studio
  • Concept Art TuBo Lee, Ching, Huiying Kao, Hsin-Hsiang Kuo, Mibo Lin, Nian Jou
  • 2D Animators Chiunyi.ko, Mibo Lin, HuiYing Kao, TuBo Lee, Nian Jou
  • 3D Animators Chiunyi.ko, Yoyo Chang, HuiYing Kao

ClientWilllin Music Ltd.


Behind the scene